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Course program
Become a certified professional in management with famous teachers and experts from Google, Netflix, Starbucks, and other companies.
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James Clear
James Clear, a respected author, focuses on habit formation and behavioral psychology. His internationally acclaimed book, "Atomic Habits," resonates globally.
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Join 20,000 of the world’s brightest minds in business and management, discover and learn new methods of staying online. The all-in-one management course will put you on top with the leading managers and brands.
teachers from international companies and well-known brands.
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Greetings from Brian Tracy
A world-renowned expert on leadership, motivation, success, and performance.
Meet the main speakers for the course
Matthew Luhn, a storytelling expert (ex-Pixar), brings decades of creative experience. His work on iconic films like "Toy Story" and "Finding Nemo" reflects his storytelling mastery.
Matthew Luhn
Matthew, a sought-after speaker and consultant, inspires global audiences by sharing invaluable insights on storytelling's influence in business and innovation.
Marshall Goldsmith, a seasoned executive coach and influential author, brings decades of expertise in leadership development to professionals worldwide.
Marshall Goldsmith
James Clear, a respected author, focuses on habit formation and behavioral psychology. His internationally acclaimed book, "Atomic Habits," resonates globally.
James Clear
Through engaging writing and impactful speaking engagements, James empowers individuals to cultivate positive habits, fostering lasting transformations.
Renowned for his impactful work in behavioral change, he's significantly reshaped leadership strategies for numerous global organizations, leaving an enduring legacy in the business realm.
Brian Tracy, CEO of Brian Tracy International and a renowned author, specializes in personal and business development training.
Brian Tracy
With over 1,000 companies consulted, seminars delivered to millions in 75 countries annually, and 100+ translated books along with 300+ audio/video programs, Tracy's expertise has profoundly impacted lives worldwide.
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Jeff Hoffman
Howard Behar
CNN, Vodafone
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Michael Tracy
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Quality of business education is highly dependent on the instructors and their expertise. Following extensive research, our team of qualified professionals identified the top 6 skills required for transformational, innovative and organizational growth and curated modules for business executives.
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Emotional Intelligence
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12 subjects 12 modules — 12 months of studying.

The course takes place on Saturdays, once a month, with an online worldwide broadcast. All classes are held live with the opportunity to ask your questions. If you miss a lesson, you can view its recording in your personal account.
8:00 - 12:00 (UTC -4)
New York, USA
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London, UK
16:00 - 20:00 (UTC +4)
Dubai, UAE
20:00 - 00:00 (UTC +8)
James Clear is an acclaimed author and expert in habit formation, known for his bestselling book "Atomic Habits." With a background in Biomechanics from Denison University, Clear has built a career on providing actionable insights into human behavior, self-improvement, and productivity. His work, which emphasizes small changes for significant impact, has reached a global audience, making him a sought-after speaker and thought leader in personal development.
Habit Formation for Executive Success: Insights from Atomic Habits
James Clear
Matthew Luhn, a storytelling expert (ex-Pixar), brings decades of creative experience. His work on iconic films like "Toy Story" and "Finding Nemo" reflects his storytelling mastery.

Matthew, a sought-after speaker and consultant, inspires global audiences by sharing invaluable insights on storytelling's influence in business and innovation.
Business Storytelling
Matthew Luhn
Jeff Hoffman is a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author, recognized for co-founding companies such as,, and ColorJar. With a background in engineering and software development, Hoffman has leveraged his technical expertise to drive innovation in the travel, entertainment, and technology sectors. His entrepreneurial journey is marked by a commitment to fostering growth, innovation, and education. Hoffman is also dedicated to philanthropy and mentoring, sharing his insights on entrepreneurship and leadership at conferences worldwide and through various educational initiatives.
Innovative Entrepreneurship: Building Scalable Businesses
Jeff Hoffman
Howard Behar is a respected business leader and author, best known for his role in Starbucks' remarkable growth. As the former president of Starbucks North America and Starbucks International, Behar was instrumental in shaping the company's culture and global expansion. He emphasizes the importance of people over profits and leadership through service. His insights on organizational growth, leadership, and personal development are captured in his books and shared through speaking engagements, making him a sought-after mentor and speaker in the business community.
Lessons from the President of Starbucks
Howard Behar
Lars Silberbauer is a prominent figure in the business world, has achieved remarkable success in leadership roles. Chief Marketing Officer for Nokia Phones, Global Head of Brand, Marketing & Digital for the International Olympic Committee, and Senior Vice President at Viacom.

Lars's expertise extends to public speaking, earning him recognition as one of the Top 3 Speakers at Cannes Lions in 2017. His digital journey began as a Lead Digital Strategist for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation in 2008. Subsequently, he held key roles at LEGO, including Social Media Strategist, Head of Social Media, and Senior Global Director of Digital.
Social Media Mastery for Executives: Building Brand and Engaging Customers
Lars Silberbauer
Steve Anderson is an acclaimed author, speaker, and expert in the intersection of insurance and technology. With a deep background in the insurance industry, Anderson has spent over 35 years exploring how technology can transform business processes and customer experiences. He is best known for his book "The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon," where he deciphers Jeff Bezos’ annual letters to shareholders to outline growth lessons for businesses.
ENTREPRENEURSHIP and The Bezos Strategies
Steve Anderson
Brian Tracy is a prolific author, motivational speaker, and personal development coach with a career spanning several decades. He has written over 70 books, with "Eat That Frog!" being among his most popular, focusing on productivity and time management. Tracy's work covers a broad range of topics including sales, self-esteem, goals, strategy, and success psychology. He has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed millions of people in talks and seminars across the world, sharing strategies for personal and business success. Tracy's philosophy emphasizes setting clear goals, hard work, persistence, and the continuous pursuit of lifelong learning. His teachings have inspired and guided countless individuals to improve their lives and achieve their personal and professional goals.
Leadership in a time of uncertainty
Brian Tracy
Marshall Goldsmith is a world-renowned executive coach, author, and leadership thinker. With a PhD in Organizational Behavior from UCLA, Goldsmith has carved a distinguished career by advising top executives at Fortune 500 companies, improving their leadership skills and organizational effectiveness. He is the author of several bestselling books, including "What Got You Here Won't Get You There" and "Triggers," which focus on personal and professional growth, behavior change, and leadership development.
Effective leadership
Marshall Goldsmith
Ken Schmidt is a highly regarded branding expert and keynote speaker, renowned for his role in the dramatic turnaround of Harley-Davidson Motor Company. His expertise in transforming businesses into market leaders is showcased through his pivotal involvement in repositioning Harley-Davidson as a globally revered brand. Schmidt focuses on competitive differentiation, customer loyalty, and fostering a deep, emotional connection between companies and their customers. His insights and strategies are sought after by organizations looking to elevate their brand presence and engage their audiences more effectively.
Creating a Loyal Brand Community: The Harley-Davidson Way
Ken Schmidt
Mitch Lowe is a highly influential figure in the entertainment and technology industries, recognized for his role in co-founding Netflix and serving as a former President of Redbox. With a career dedicated to revolutionizing how people access and enjoy movies and television, Lowe has been at the forefront of some of the most significant innovations in the sector. His expertise lies in subscription-based business models, digital streaming, and the deployment of kiosk-based video rental services.
Netflix experience. Leadership strategies
Mitch Lowe
Terry Jones is an esteemed entrepreneur and innovator, best known as the founder of, a pioneering online travel agency that transformed the way people plan and book travel. Following his success with Travelocity, Jones continued to make significant impacts on the digital landscape as the founding Chairman of, further revolutionizing the online travel booking industry by aggregating data to provide users with more choices and competitive prices.
Disrupting the Market: Lessons in Innovation from Travelocity and Kayak
Terry Jones
Kristian Stoffregen is an accomplished Business Ph.D. from Copenhagen Business School with experience as a visiting scholar at Stanford University, where he focused on technology and innovation. His career spans significant roles, including User Experience Design at Microsoft, where he enhanced software interfaces to improve user engagement. Stoffregen has also played a key role in global digital transformations at consultancy giants PwC and CGI, applying digital technologies to reshape business models and processes. Currently, as a Business and IT architect, he bridges business strategy with technology implementation, designing IT strategies that support organizational goals. His work is pivotal in guiding companies through the digital landscape, marking him as a notable figure in business and technology integration.
Leading Continuous Digital Transformations without a Technical Background
Kristian Stoffregen
Be an effective and balanced leader with knowledge of the latest organizational best practices.
Achieve better results using emotional intelligence and staying on top of cutting-edge trends.
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Learn strategic skills that will guide you in creating and motivating goal-oriented teams in achieving great success.
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