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Brian Tracy is a Canadian-American motivational public speaker and self-development author. He is the author of over eighty books that have been translated into dozens of languages.
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A world-renowned expert on leadership, motivation, success, and performance.
Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy is a renowned author, speaker, and business consultant specializing in personal and professional development. He was born on January 5, 1944, in Canada. Tracy has written numerous self-help and motivational books, many of which have become bestsellers.
Tracy's work covers a wide range of topics, including goal-setting, time management, sales training, leadership, and success principles. Some of his notable books include "Eat That Frog!", "Maximum Achievement," "The Psychology of Selling," and "Goals!"

He is known for his practical advice and strategies to improve productivity, overcome obstacles, and achieve success in various areas of life.
Throughout his career, Brian Tracy has delivered thousands of seminars, workshops, and keynote speeches to individuals and organizations worldwide. His teachings and ideas have had a significant impact on the personal and professional lives of millions of people.
Tracy's philosophy emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals, continuous learning, taking action, and developing positive habits to attain success. He believes in the power of self-discipline, focus, and perseverance to overcome challenges and achieve extraordinary results.
Who is Brian Tracy?
Achieve success in all areas of life
It is very important to develop holistically so that everything is successful in personal development, health, family, career, and business. Learn to reach new heights in all areas of life and live happily. Our experts are professional coaches and experts of the world, communicate with them and thousands of other participants to grow further.
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12 vital skills — 12 modules — 12 months of excellent training.

Every month - a new skill: a course from Brian, workbooks, group work, and live meetings with Brian and guest experts with Q/A sessions.
How To Master Your Time
Module #1
Mastering time is vital for success. Prioritize, increase productivity, and reduce stress. Develop skills to align tasks with goals. Avoid wasting time on unimportant activities. Maintain work-life balance, and have time for self-care. Stay organized, meet deadlines, and handle responsibilities efficiently. Set goals, create schedules, and eliminate distractions. Optimize productivity, and accomplish more. Gain control, and reduce overwhelm. Improve decision-making, and prioritize tasks. Make conscious choices, and feel fulfilled. Maximize productivity, reduce stress, and seize every moment.
JUNE 2023
Brian Tracy Workbook
Group assignments
How to Fast-Track Your Career
Module #2
Fast-track your career for success. Accelerate growth, seize better opportunities. Set ambitious goals, embrace challenges, gain valuable experiences. Enhance earning potential, earn promotions, expand network. Build resilience, confidence, adaptability. Actively manage your career for fulfillment, unlock potential, maximize success.
July 2023
Brian Tracy Workbook
Group assignments
How To Master Negotiation Skills
Module #3
Mastering negotiation is key for success. Communicate effectively, collaborate, find win-win solutions. Navigate conflicts, build relationships, achieve mutual agreements. Enhance communication, critical thinking, decision-making. Foster personal growth, achieve success in different contexts.
Brian Tracy Workbook
Group assignments
How To Motivate Yourself
Module #4
Master self-motivation for success. Overcome challenges, stay focused, achieve goals. Cultivate enthusiasm, persistence, positive mindset. Set meaningful goals, create compelling vision, stay motivated. Push through obstacles, bounce back, find purpose. Practice self-discipline, set expectations, celebrate wins. Master self-motivation, unlock potential, create fulfilling life.
Brian Tracy Workbook
Group assignments
How to Managing Yourself for Peak Performance
Module #5
Manage yourself for peak performance. Optimize productivity, achieve quality results, balance work and life. Manage time, set priorities, practice self-care. Enhance focus, creativity, performance. Develop self-discipline, set goals, manage stress. Increase self-awareness, recognize strengths, weaknesses. Maximize potential, overcome challenges, maintain peak performance.
Brian Tracy Workbook
Group assignments
How To Set and Achieve Your Goals
Module #6
Set and achieve goals for development. Roadmap for success, purpose, accomplishment. Fuel motivation, drive progress, foster self-discipline. Manage time, prioritize, enhance productivity. Unlock potential, overcome challenges, lead fulfilling life. Promote growth, resilience, confidence. Align actions, make decisions, track progress. Focus efforts, develop skills, reach milestones. Empower, take control, maximize potential, succeed.
Brian Tracy Workbook
Group assignments
How To Achieve Financial Independence
Module #7
Achieve financial independence for freedom and security. Control finances, pursue passions, live on own terms. Master it, create stable foundation, build wealth, achieve goals. Budgeting, smart spending, wise investments. Gain security, reduce stress, open opportunities. Make informed decisions, take risks, create income streams. Live fulfilling life, work towards dreams.
Brian Tracy Workbook
Group assignments
How To Achieve Success in Your Personal and Professional Life
Module #8
Success in life is crucial for growth and fulfillment. Set clear goals, be disciplined, stay positive. Learn, improve, embrace challenges, leverage strengths. Manage time, communicate effectively, build relationships. Personally, pursue meaningful connections, balance work and life, prioritize self-care. Professionally, set career goals, learn continuously, deliver high-quality work. Strive for success in both areas, feel accomplished, happy, and fulfilled.
JAnuary 2024
Brian Tracy Workbook
Group assignments
21 Immutable traits of Millionaires
Module #9
Embrace traits like discipline, perseverance, frugality, continuous learning. Learn wealth creation, financial management, long-term prosperity. Study millionaires' experiences, adopt success mindset, set ambitious goals, take risks. Emphasize hard work, resilience, personal growth. Apply traits to all areas of life, find fulfillment. Incorporate traits, achieve financial independence, create prosperous future.
february 2024
Brian Tracy Workbook
Group assignments
Effective Decision Making and Problem Solving
Module #10
Master decision-making, problem-solving for success. Analyze, choose, overcome challenges. Gather information, make sound judgments. Identify causes, generate solutions. Foster critical thinking, adaptability. Enhance efficiency, achieve goals. Refine skills, tackle challenges, succeed.
march 2024
Brian Tracy Workbook
Group assignments
Personal Strategic Planning
Module #11
Strategic planning is vital for success. Assess situation, define vision, create action plan. Align actions with values, prioritize efforts, make choices. Foster clarity, motivation, direction. Set SMART goals, track progress, stay focused. Identify obstacles, develop contingency plans. Leverage strengths, pursue growth, make informed decisions. Enhance personal growth, maximize potential, achieve outcomes. Take control, make proactive choices, create fulfilling future.
april 2024
Brian Tracy Workbook
Group assignments
How To Master the Art of Powerful Relationships
Module #12
Master powerful relationships for success. Foster trust, collaboration, support. Gain opportunities, growth, well-being. Master communication, listening, empathy. Develop emotional intelligence, build rapport. Network effectively, negotiate, build strong teams. Resolve conflicts, promote understanding, facilitate cooperation. Invest in relationships, gain insights, create community. Enhance personal happiness, fulfill life. Forge connections, thrive, create impact.
MAY 2024
Brian Tracy Workbook
Group assignments
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