Juda Adisusanto — Word of Mouth Marketing
CEO & Founder of «Groovy Pet Services»
Module «Marketing»
4 online-sessions. 16 October 2021
Juda Adisusanto is the founder and chief executive officer of Groovy Pet Services, which manages five companies that provide different services for pet owners in Indonesia and abroad.

Lecture summary
What is word of mouth marketing?
You perfectly understand that the source of profit in your business is your client and how you build a relationship with him, how interested he is to come to you again and again. Your business performance depends. It is the development of customer relationships that gives you stability and growth of the company

The speaker tells various incredible stories from his life that make it possible to understand and comprehend the main topic of the lecture. When he was in Chicago, he asked people about the best dish in Chicago and everyone told him that the best dish was pizza. It is already possible to understand that this is a concept of word of mouth.
The speaker's wife works with him and loves talking to clients. Customers love it and get good reviews.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the first to know about new products, get new products from the best brands for free, have the opportunity to influence the product by directly expressing their opinion to the manufacturer, and can also participate in all promotions held by large companies in conjunction with the WOM-agency. To turn rumors into a real WOM marketing tool, you need to create a large community of interested consumers and encourage them to spread the word.

There are several companies that have successfully applied this concept and one of them is Netflix. The essence of this concept is very simple - a brand must create a truly high-quality and valuable product that will be in great demand and will receive good reviews.
Thus, after a while, your consumers will become an advertising tool. With their support, even more buyers will learn about the brand and the business will begin to develop. Advertising is a great marketing tool, but not the best one.

The reason is that people trust ads less than their friends. According to statistics, 92 percent of consumers trust their friends' reviews.
People are skeptical about reviews and advertisements from strangers and think a lot before buying. Word of mouth is the best tool to build consumer confidence and grow. The only thing you need to do is create a quality product and the word of mouth concept will start to generate profits for you on its own.

There are a lot of ways of using this model: Face to face, chatting, mailing and so on.

1. The main task of any company or brand is to solve a person's problem and make him happier with the help of its product. This is why the quality you produce affects the success of a business.

2. If the company has many consumers who are happy to buy a product for many months or years, then such a buyer becomes an advocate and advocate of this brand. If the quality of the product has decreased, customers can explain to their friends that this is temporary and the company always makes a great product. Consumer confidence will not be tainted.

3. The consumer must be well informed about the activities of the brand. Communication between the company and the customers is very important. Use automatic email campaigns. Send emails manually or ask on social media for your opinion on the product. The more consumers leave their positive feedback, the higher the rating will be on all sites. The consumer sees that the average score of the product is 4 or 5 and trusts the brand.

Types of W-O-M Marketing
Organic word of mouth occurs naturally when people become advocates because they are happy with a product and have a natural desire to share their support and enthusiasm.
If we are talking about organic W-O-M, then we need to monitor the quality of the product and make it more accessible, cheaper, and so on. It is very important to make products available to consumers and it is worth considering the state of the company's service. The service should be fast, simple, responsible and flexible. And also the concept of organic W-O-M is to generate consumer interest.

People's trust is of utmost importance because it grows and turns into honesty and empathy. You should find a place where you run your business and where you develop your brand. The place where people buy a product should be easy to find, cozy and attractive
Created word of mouth occurs when marketers launch campaigns designed to encourage or accelerate WOM in existing or new communities.